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Best sleep ever!

I am a side sleeper and have issues with my lower back, pelvic pain, and sciatica. I used to wake up in the middle of the night in pain. This pillow is a total game changer. I thought the firmness would be too much but I’ve never slept better in my life!! My husband is jealous…

I love this pillow. I did not at first. It seemed heavy and simultaneously not fluffy enough. After some use I find it perfect and really comfortable and the right firm. I've had it for over a month and use it every night. I'm entering my 3rd trimester soon and find it's helping me get into different positions that would otherwise be uncomfortable or require the wrangling of 5 pillows. I need a softer pillow for my head so I nestle that in below the top of the U when sleeping. I'm short (5'3") so with the softer pillow I still have the length for my knees to get the support they need. It is a bit of a wrangle to put the cover back on after washing but I'm learning the tricks to do it better.

So comfy!

This pillow made a huge difference for me...! I was worried it would be too firm when I first opened it, but the firmness is actually what helps me feel supported and it's still super cozy. I'm not crazy about the color of it (pale yellow, it reminds me of a hospital gown or something), but the fabric is really soft and cozy.

Not ideal as a pregnancy pillow

I got this pillow to use during pregnancy. As other reviewers noted, it is very heavy. This is not ideal when it’s already difficult to maneuver your body and you need to get up several times a night. I feel like I’m wrestling with it. On the plus side though, so many other body pillow reviews mentioned their tendency to go flat over time and this is definitely not an issue for the Yana pillow since it’s made of the latex foam. It’s just a trade off of it being really heavy, but that might not be a problem if you aren’t pregnant.

As others have mentioned, the case is REALLY challenging to get on and off for regular washing.
Lastly, this just comes down to personal preference, but I really like my regular pillow for my head and using a wraparound pillow style like this necessitates the body pillow supports your head. I find the foam to compact and be really firm and not as comfortable as my regular pillow, and not ideal for switching from back to side sleeping support. So overall, this could be a great pillow depending on your preferences but wasn’t the best for me.


My husband recently deployed and I haven’t been able to sleep without him. After a couple months of tossing, turning and sleepless nights, my husband sent me this pillow. Since the very first night I received it, I’ve been sleeping through the entire night. I wake up feeling so much better. It comforts me and makes me feel less stressed. I was so relieved, I cried. I wish I could send to everyone whose loved one deployed or can’t be there with them.

Aromatherapy Mask
Richard Turner
Great for thyroid eye disease!

I have graves ophthalmopathy— aka thyroid eye disease (TED). My one eye literally will not stay close without effortful blinking and opens completely when I sleep. I have tried numerous eye masks. None are good enough to keep my eye closed, which further worsens my condition and creates chronic dry eye and headaches. I was so excited to get this weighted mask— and it works! I haven’t tried heating it up, but I have cooled it down— that is also great for relieving my headaches and eye pain/soreness. I’m also mostly a stomach sleeper (don’t judge me) and I haven’t had any problem so far with it staying on or keeping me from sleeping. I’ve fallen asleep faster and stayed asleep longer. Easy to wash, and completely—completely— blocks out all light. I’ve fallen asleep, quickly I’ll add, in rooms full of sunshine or fluorescent lighting. Can’t recommend this enough— especially to others suffering from TED.

Aromatherapy Mask
Priscilla Ladd
Really helps with my RLS!!

I have restless leg and when I lay down for bed if I am not completely exhausted my RLS will flare up if I am laying there awake too long. I am a side sleeper so the fit and the band was a bit uncomfortable at first, but it the comfort of the weight puts me right to sleep surprisingly well. I wish the band was a bit more comfortable but all in all it is a great product!

Aromatherapy Mask
Andrew T. Swarts
Sleep Better!

This mask is amazing! I have trouble staying asleep and this mask has made me sleep better! Completely blocks out light, soft and the weight makes me feel calm and relaxed enough to go to sleep and stay asleep. I love it!

Aromatherapy Mask
Robert Gibb
Great gift for my girlfriend

Bought this for a gift for my girlfriend and she loves it. Super well-made.

Aromatherapy Mask
Aida Lewin
A must have for headache, migraine tool kits!

I love this product for migraines, tension, headaches. It warms the eye area. It’s incredibly soft if you can’t stand to feel texture while experiencing a migraine. I keep it in a plastic bag so it won’t pick up smells. I thinks it’s filled with seeds to hold the warmth in. It has velcro it tighter if needed. The minute I put it on, I have relief. I don’t take meds for my migraines yet. I am hesitant to go trust route. I turn of the lights and put headphones on and have to lay down. It does let some light in near the nose area so I use it in a dark room with migraines. It’s hands down a miracle.

Wish I had bought it sooner!!

Just bought this at 7 months pregnant after pushing it off my whole pregnancy. I wish I had bought it as soon as I found out I was pregnant!! Every expecting parent deserves some extra comfort and the yana pillow provides that extra comfort. Grateful for this product !

Aromatherapy Mask
Frank Lovelace
Love it

I was waking up with really heavy or sore eyes (almost as if I had black eyes) but I use this mask every few nights and I haven't really had the issue since! It would be awesome if they had a similar one but that reaches further back around the head to act as ''head phones'' to also muffle or block out the noise.

Two reasons it didn't get 5 stars:
1- The nose cut out area lets quite a bit of light in so I have to readjust it a lot more then I'd like to. Maybe a wire would fix that,
2- It moves on my head because the band loosens a little as I sleep. It would be great if it had rubber lines on the inside of the bands to give it a little resistance

Aromatherapy Mask
Rebecca Levy

Just OK

Aromatherapy Mask
Angela Rodgers
Perfect mask and I have ordered another one for travel.

This is the best mask I have ever owned. I have already ordered a second one to travel with. It is weighted just enough to help with headaches. The insert can be heated or frozen. It is also adjustable and fits small and larger heads. This is a great cost and will give the more expensive masks a run for their money.

Aromatherapy Mask
Girish Morani


Aromatherapy Mask
Belinda Conrad


Aromatherapy Mask
Ashley Winders


Aromatherapy Mask
Daniel Rose
Sinus migraine relief, FINALLY

I suffer from intense sinus migraines so having the heat and weight I thought would help a lot. I have another eye mask that heats perfectly and I have been using for years but has no weight. I now use this one because it can be heated and has weight together. It has helped and works for me.

Good weight, ok smell

I bought this for two reasons the weight and the smell aspect. The weight is great but the product does not smell that much unless it is heated. When I heated it in the microwave, it starts to smell like lavendar but not when it's room temperature.

Aromatherapy Mask
Monica Brand
I haven’t found anything I would change

It fits snug, stays on well. I really like that the inside is removable and can be cooled or heated and the outside can then be washed. That was Harder than I thought it would be to find. For those out there who want a regular sleep mask with the added bonus that it can have the inside it works for that too. I got it because I have migraines and I wanted to extra pressure on my eyes and to heat it for relief. It also helps to weight my head down to push me to sleep faster if I sleep on my back with my face up.

Worth it

After 18 weeks my sleep started to get worse and after suffering for a few more weeks I bought the yana. Worth every penny i have slept great since. I normally don’t like heavy pillows or blankets but my sleep has benefited so much I have nothing I would want to change. It smelled a bit when it arrived and washing it is a little annoying but doesn’t change my opinion of product quality

Amazing pillow

This pillow enables deep sleep and comfort. I named my pillow Mr. U, and both my husband and I regularly praise it for my restful sleep. I love Mr. U - this pillow is wonderful.

Great pillow, pain to change cover

I love this pillow - it's perfect for sleeping during second half of pregnancy. But I find it really difficult to put the cover back on after washing it. They should have added some extra zippers along the side.

Great pillow

Bought this for support for a shoulder issue. A bit stiff and I wish they sold partial covers for the head area. Overall, great support and does the intended job.


I had surgery and my Yana kept me secure in my bed, allowed me to rest with ice packs and drains and kept from rolling over in my sides. ♥️

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