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Love Yana!

I got this pillow around 16 weeks pregnant (I’m a stomach sleeper normally so definitely needed something to keep me on my side) - it’s been amazing! I also love it for reading because it props my back up firmly and the long parts can support my legs.

Boyfriend Pillow

I no longer desire a boyfriend because he will never hold me like this pillow does. We are in love now.

Yana Pillow

I love my pillow! Comfy cozy and I love the crushed velvet material.

It's now one of my favorite things that I own

I've had such great sleep with this pillow! I no longer wake up with aches.


I'm a die hard stomach sleeper but without fail will wake up once or twice and have to shift for a little because of lower back pain (even the hardest mattress hasn't fixed this) BUT I haven't woken up once since sleeping with Yana!! FIVE STARS.

Love this pillow!

Love It

I knew that I was taking a risk by buying this relatively new product, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is extremely comfortable!! I feel swaddled and safe. My partner can sleep on one side and I can sleep inside so we can both use it, but we can't both fit inside it comfortably - to his dismay. It's also quite cool which is nice because I hate being hot when I sleep.

Loving my Yana!

I upgraded my old pregnancy pillow to the Yana and I’m so happy I did! It is so comfortable. Even my dog love it!

Great Addition

I’m 5’3 so the length is great for me. I like how comforting this has made me feel. Think cuddles without the extra body heat. My dog seems to enjoy it as well. If you’re looking for a body pillow I’d recommend this one.

The only thing I don’t like is the smell of the filling. I’m hoping that eventually goes away. I did leave my pillow outside for half a day and that only helped a tiny bit with the odor.

Great Pillow!

I really love the Yana Pillow. The best feature is the shape and how cool it stays at night. I struggled with neck pain while sleeping and this seems to have done the trick. My only criticism could be that it isn't stuffed as firm as I would like it but I also like extremely firm pillows. Regardless, I am loving it and enjoying my sleeps since purchasing it.

Love it as far as it goes

Build well, love that it is heavy and sturdy. Sleeping better with it. But...for me at 6'0, the pillow is not long enough to comfortably have my head on the center pillow, yets wrap my legs around the parts by the legs without falling off. Would work find for someone 5' - 5'4".

Yana Pillow

super high quality pillow. firm yet soft at the same time. molds perfectly, great for cuddling up. I highly recommend this pillow. It is well worth the money

I love this pillow.


Its A COOL CONCEPT, STILL TRYING TO GET USED TO IT. Had to remove some filling it was too hard for my head and neck. Once you take out the right amount its great,