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Bad and Very Strong Smell

I have put the pillow outside for 2 months, but it still has very strong smell. Not sure it is not good for health, but I really couldn’t stand it while holding it sleep. If you are sensitive to smell, this might not be a good product for you. Besides, it is really pricey. This website doesn't show any rating <= 2 reviews, so I have to modify my 2-star to 3-star...

Yana 360° Body Pillow
Melissa Marquez
Decent Pillow but Pretty Pricey for Just Decent

I ordered my Yana body pillow in order to help me sleep more comfortably through my pregnancy. I've had it for about a month and a half now. It is nice with a general comfortable feel while lounging but is sometimes hard to get 100% comfortable with while sleeping. Has a decent feel/texture and I like the 2 different fabric sides to the cover. The memory foam doesn't really seem to be that cooling. In the end, it is nice but I would probably buy something different, as I don't think the price is worth what you get. Likely, something similar for at least half the price would have done equally as good of a job or better.

Zipper broke

I loved my pillow until I washed the cover and when I went to put the cover back on, the zipper broke. I spent way too much money for things to break on it. Make better zippers.

It's fine

I did a lot of research on pregnancy pillows and was convinced this was the one. It's fine. It is not nearly as comfortable as it's described to be for the price point. I should have just gone to Target.

Yana 360° Body Pillow
Nicholas Styne
Awesome product!!

We love it!!

Customer service lacking

My family loves your pillows close but my last order I ordered pillow cases for these body pillows. I only received 1 of the 2 pillow cases ordered. It was not easy to find a way the way to reach out to you to get another pillowcase it took a couple weeks before I received an email saying you are going to look into it and now we are 54 days in since my order and I've heard nothing and I've heard nothing and I've received nothing. No refund Has been issued and the order has not been fulfilled. When paying $80 for pillowcase I would expect a comeback but expect a company to be more Customer service oriented in Resolving a problem such as this. I gave you 5 stars for the fact that we love your pillow but I would give you a one star For the way customer service is handling Not shipping all of what was ordered and not communicate communicating with the customer.

The best money I have spent

I bought this for my husband who wakes up at night from shoulder and back pain from injuries earlier in life. He needed a pillow to elevate his arms and legs. This design is so unique and there is nothing like it and because of how often he turns his body while he sleeps he always has something to prop his arms and legs around. He sleeps through the night now it’s incredible.

Super Comfortable

After reading reviews regarding the difficulty of struggling with the pillowcase, I decided I have several silk/satin cases so why not cut one end and use it as a sleeve? That way the pillowcases are not going to waste and I still have the use of my silk cases for my naturally curly hair. The bonus is that I can easily remove the sleeve for weekly washing since that area needs to be cleaned most often. Are you listening Yana? You should make a silk sleeve to cover only the head area of the pillow.

I like the pillow but has a few issues

I like the pillow overall but for the price I'm frustrated that after unzipping the pillow case zipper one time, it already does not work to zip back up. The pillow also has kind of a strange smell, like hay or something.

Fabulous Bed Companion

Love how cuddly this pillow is. Only problem is difficulty changing pillow case- there should be a bigger opening to get it on and off. CHANGING PILLOW CASE REQUIRES AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE ‼️

Yana 360° Body Pillow
Evelin Stewart
Zip malfunction

I tried to remove cover to be washed and zip has a malfunction. I couldn’t remove cover for that reason.
I would appreciate if i get get a new cover.
Evelin Griggs

Sleeping Well

It is a dream to sleep with but also helpful for comfort while reading or watching TV. Very glad to have it

Best pillow ever!

This pillow is amazing. I have very restful nights and my back feels wonderful when I wake up in the mornings.


Yana Eucalyptus Pillow Cover
Maridania Mota Angeles

Absolutely amazing

Wife loves it! Bought for mother’s day 2022

I used it first as she was away when it arrived…haha…loved it so much I may get one myself! Wife thank god loves it! Everyone knows how hard it is to buy a present for their wife! This, she is enjoying and she’s super picky about her pillows!

Yana 360° Body Pillow
Jeffrey Bryson
Satisfied Customer

The body pillow is great and my wife loves it.

Yana 360° Body Pillow

Yana 360° Body Pillow
Patricia Davis
Love my Yana!

I love my Yana from the start. I’ve taken 2 trips without my Yana and it was the one thing I looked forward to coming home to - either I need to get a life or it really is this good!

Life Changing

My sleep has been bad for years trying to find the right pillow. Neither soft nor hard pillows made a difference. I couldn’t get my neck in the write position either. If I woke up at 3AM, I’d have trouble getting back to sleep.

The Yana 360 Body Pillow has literally changed my life. It’s snug, the perfect fit for me, my sleep is incredible and I have slept through the night ever since I got it! In fact, I love to sleep now.

It has quite literally changed my life.

Love My YANA

I bought the Yana 360 pillow hoping it would help me sleep better because I have neck and shoulder issues. After using this pillow, I no longer have discomfort when I sleep. Having a good night sleep is priceless to me and the Yana 360 pillow is worth every penny!

Not as fluffy as the pics

Have had mine now for a couple of months now.. not too impressed with it. Especially given what I paid for it. Almost wish I had gone with a different one, and saved my money!

Yana 360° Body Pillow
Danielle Audley
Awesome Pillow

My dad bought this for me and it has been awesome!!! The only challenge I found was that when I first took it out of the packaging, it took a week or so before the packaging smell went away. Once I started using it, it was amazing! Super comfortable!

Yana Eucalyptus Pillow Cover
Very nice!

Just like the pillow, original cover, and face mask, the eucalyptus pillow cover is very well made and exceptionally comfortable.

Yana 360° Body Pillow
Kate Casanova
Good but should be better for the price

I bought this pillow because I wanted a heavier pregnancy pillow that would not move around and actually support me. On that count, it has been great. I sleep on the top of the pillow though. It is not ergonomically friendly for your neck. The seam of the pillow on the inside of the curve is stretched taught and digs into your neck. Other pregnancy pillows sew in an extra panel at the neck area so it molds to your neck instead of digging in. It’s the same concept as adding a panel into the crotch area of leggings. I flip the pillow upside down and use my own pillow for my head. Works but I wish this one did it all for how expensive it is.

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